Policies and Returns


Policies and Returns


Basic conditions

The contracting of the service via reservation on the website, email, in person or by any other means, implies acceptance of these terms.

Health Requirements and Conditions

In order to participate in the activities that Origenes Patagonia offers, it is necessary to know these important requirements and conditions:

The practice of Adventure Tourism requires a good physical level. It is essential to have a healthy Physical and mental according to the activity that will be carried out.

Pregnant women will not be able to participate in the activities, so as not to put the health of both of them.

People who have any health problem (heart problems, respiratory problems or circulation, recent operations) and are not sure if they can participate in the activities, they are We invite you to tell us about your doubts, in order to find the best option. People whose weight is considerably exceeded will not be able to participate in the activities, that is important that you can wear our technical and safety equipment and that you have an attitude positive and the ability to row.


Rates are expressed in Chilean pesos (CLP). The rates are those published on the website and at points of sale.

Payment terms

At the time of booking we request the cancellation of 50% of the value of the trip, unless said reservation is made 24 hours or less from the scheduled departure time of the excursion, in which case 100% of the total price must be paid at the time of booking.

The balance must be paid no later than the day the excursion will take place, before the departure time, by electronic transfer, sending the receipt to the email origenespatagonia@gmail.com, or in cash.
Once an online reservation has been made on the website or the advance payment or total price has been paid through of electronic or cash transfer, a confirmation will be automatically sent to the email email informed by the client, with the specifications of the reserved excursion.

Cancellations and refunds

Origins Patagonia reserves the right to cancel any trip prior to departure for any reason, including insufficient participants or logistical problems that impede the operations of the trip and also conditions of suspension for natural reasons.

Conditions of suspension for natural reasons

In these cases, our company takes the right to suspend the activity the same day of the program if conditions are unsafe for our clients. 100% refund will be made of the reserved value and if the passengers wish, they can reschedule the activity for another day in which The conditions are suitable for doing the activities.

Keep in mind that carrying out the activity safely is in everyone's interest. All Decisions made by activity leaders are final. The company expressly reserves the right to modify the program for security reasons.

Cancellations or modifications due to insufficient participants

A minimum number of participants is required for our activities. In case of not meeting the minimum amount, an alternative date or time will be proposed to the customer, at no additional cost. If he client cannot participate in the alternative services offered, any charges will be refunded paid less charges for services actually rendered, if any.

Cancellations or modifications by the client

If it is necessary for you to cancel your trip, the following charges will apply, considered from from the date of receipt of the notice of cancellation. In case of a complete cancellation, Origenes Patagonia will retain, and therefore there will be no right to return, the following percentages of the advance:

From 3 days to 24 hours (or less) before the scheduled departure time of the activity, or not presentation: 100%

7 to 3 days before the activity: 50%

8 to 14 days before the activity: 25%

15 or more days before the activity: the full amount is returned

It must be taken into account that if the amount paid was by Paypal or cards and for this reason includes some type of commission or rate, this will not be returned.

The company reserves the right to cancel the service or activity without reimbursement of the amount paid if participants make their provision or development dangerous or impossible, either by their behavior, their omissions or other actions.

Photographic material

Origins Patagonia reserves the right to take photography or film records of any of our trips and you can use these records for promotional or commercial purposes without payment. If passengers do not agree with this policy, they have to mention it at the time of check-in. booking.

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